A Cruise Port Guide to Mykonos

For three summers, beginning with our honeymoon in 2017, we’ve taken Seabourn cruises. We’ve been able to explore new countries and experience new things. And last summer, we were finally able to visit Greece. We absolutely loved Mykonos and wanted this island to be our first Greece post; since we were here for just one day, we decided to create a cruise port guide to Mykonos.

info on seabourn

Our Seabourn cruise itinerary took us from Malta to Greece. We loved each minute of this stunning Mediterranean Sunsets cruise. We got to go back to some of our old favorites (Malta and Gozo are two our absolute favorite places), and we got to go to new places to, including Albania, Montenegro, and (of course) Greece.

We have loved each of the Seabourn cruises we’ve taken, and we’d love to share those reasons with you. So far, we’ve taken cruises to the Mediterranean and Alaska; and we’ve got plans for even more vacations with this line.

visit the windmills

On the morning that we were in Mykonos, it was beautiful. The sun was shining…and the wind was blowing. It was blowing a lot! The port we were in was far from where we wanted to start our morning. We had the option to wait for the next shuttle bus, but we were too excited. So. straight from the ship, we picked up a taxi.

We had determined that the farthest spot we wanted to visit was the famous windmills. So, we asked the taxi to take us there. It cost us 20 Euro.

mykonos windmills

mykonos windmills

When we got to the windmills, we notice just how windy it was. It was bad and, even though I had decided to wear a romper, it had a more-or-less skirt-like bottom that blew up in an inconvenient way. Nonetheless, we stuck around and snapped a few photos of the famous windmills.

One thing we learned: people lived in them, so we attempted to keep a respectable distance. I hated knowing that the people that climbed the walls that surrounded them, etc. had trespassed.

Nonetheless, we were able to get beautiful photos, even with keeping that distance.

explore little venice

With the wind being what it was, we didn’t spend a whole lot of time in Little Venice. All of the places were getting cleaned off from a full night of parties, so it wasn’t the best photo spot for us that morning either. We suggest going back a bit later for photos, especially if that’s a place you’ve been dying to truly explore and experience. Truthfully, if we hadn’t been there so early too, I think we would have enjoyed it more.

cruise port guide to mykonos

Oh, and for those wondering, Little Venice is super close to the windmills. It was the first spot we visited after seeing them. In fact, we even snapped photos of Little Venice while we were standing at the windmills. To be honest, it is a bit better when you’re closer. We suggest walking along the coastline, and snapping photos as you get closer. It really is a beautiful scene.

wander the streets

Afterwards, we headed into Mykonos town, where we meandered through the streets. We were in search of photo spots (ok, I was!) and some caffeine. Nonetheless, wandering through the white-washed streets of Mykonos was amazing. The colorful balconies and doors bring some sort of special life to the cobblestone walkways.

We stumbled upon a few cute little photo spots (but have no idea – at all! – where those spots even are). We just suggest exploring on your own. It’s was fun to forge our own path and, since we went out so early, the only people we saw were the people going home from a long night.

cruise port guide to mykonos

cruise port guide to mykonos

I will state that, as the basic girl I am, I searched for that famous happiness sign/storefront. We didn’t find it, but I also didn’t want to have to work so hard to find something that, I truthfully, might not have even liked.

visit the famous church

As usual, we have no idea where the church is. We just managed to stumble upon it as we were wandering around. We actually passed it twice. The first time there was a huge tour group; the second time, it was relatively empty so we stuck around and snapped some photos.

cruise port guide to mykonos

To best honest, due to the size of the church, it’s difficult to get a photo of the entire thing. And, it was not our favorite photo spot either…it’s a nice building but, since it’s difficult to truly get the perfect photo of it (unless we planned on spending a ton of time there, of course!), it wasn’t high on our list.

Want to know what we preferred? The windmills and the view of them from the perfect little cafe/restaurant, Katerina’s. And that leasts to our next recommendation…

grab an espresso at katerina’s

Katerina’s was a little stop, somewhere near that white church (and the famous alleyway that everyone takes a snap or video in). We stumbled in and walked out to the balcony, where we sat, enjoyed the summer breeze, and checked out the view of the windmills.

cruise port guide to mykonos

espresso in greece

The espresso was delicious and the view of the aqua waters was breathtaking. Mykonos is truly spectacular. We loved getting out of the sun and just relaxing for a little bit. It’s nice to do that after a busy morning of walking around. At least, we think so!

our favorite photo spots

Obvi, we love the windmill photos we captured, but we also loved all of the random photo spots that we captured. In the end, though, our favorite photo spots were down that famous alleyway that people are always snapping photos and videos of and the balcony at Katarina’s. Here, check them out!

mykonos windmills

mykonos windmills

Overall, we loved Mykonos and would love to go back and spend more time on the island. It’s such a beautiful place. Have you been to Mykonos or other islands in Greece? Oh, and let us know if you have other info regarding Mykonos! We’re fully aware that we haven’t explored the whole island and would love to have ideas of other things to do the next time we’re there! And, as always, we hope that you loved our cruise port guide to Mykonos!

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