About Us

Hello – We’re Adam and Jamie

and we’re the couple behind Our Weekend Whims.


We created Our Weekend Whims to inspire our readers to find themselves and each other through travel. Even as a travel couple we experience each destination as individuals, and we want to share our differing opinions.

We feel that it’s important to take both parties opinions into account when planning long vacations, short weekend trips, and even date nights. Compromise is an integral part of maintaining a healthy marriage.

Our promise to our readers is that we will be honest. Adam will state his thoughts, opinions, or tips; Jamie will do the same. Although our opinions might differ, we often make decisions of where to go or what to do together. Sometimes we hit a home run and celebrate; other times we’re left staring at each other, brows furrowed.

who we are

While traveling, Jamie seeks out experiences that allow her to taste new foods or witness a new culture. She’s the one filled with wanderlust and has goals to travel the world. A self-proclaimed dreamer, Jamie loves all things fashion and travel. At home, she’s an administrator at a middle/high school for students with disabilities. In her spare time, she writes novels and works out.

While traveling, Adam seeks out experiences that provide him with epic views. If there’s a chance to hike, he adds it to the itinerary. A true scientist, Adam loves researching prior to choosing destinations, hotels, and more. At home, he’s a pharmacologist (a drug development scientist). In his spare time, he plays video games, watches movies, and listens to music. 

Together, we are cat parents to Charlie, homeowners that are obsessed with industrial chic designs, and avid Netflix and chillers. We love (depending on the result) testing out new recipes, and we attempt to maintain a healthy lifestyle but neither of us follows a diet.

We have been married since June of 2017 and vowed to share our lives together, make each other laugh, and pick each other up when we’re down. It hasn’t been long since we’ve been husband and wife but we’re determined to maintain a happy and healthy marriage. For us, traveling is the one time we are both completely relaxed and ourselves. For us, it’s how we learn about ourselves and each other. It’s how we grow, change, and evolve – both together and apart.