Caille Blanc Villa

St. Lucia is a stunning island that we’ve had the pleasure of visiting twice. Even writing this post makes us want to book a flight back. In June 2017, around this time, we headed there with our families. That trip was one of the most memorable we’ve ever been on because, on June 7th, we got married. The best thing about our return to the Soufriere region was the stunning residence we rented: Caille Blanc Villa.

When Adam and I first visited St. Lucia, in November 2016, we toured various residences in Soufriere, in search of the perfect wedding venue and, when we stepped onto the premises of Caille Blanc Villa, we fell in love. But Caille Blanc is the perfect place for more than just a wedding; it’s perfect for a vacation too.

In 2017, when Adam and I rented the villa, there was just one option: to rent the entire thing. Now, couples or families can rent just one or two of the rooms.

caille blanc villa

The villa is stunning (as I stated beforehand), with it’s elaborate architecture, views of the majestic Pitons, and kind, helpful staff. Each meal was delicious, each moment relaxing, and each sunset glorious.

We could have lounged around, hanging by the pool, staring at the view with cocktails or champagne in our hands the entire time. But the actual villa isn’t the only thing worth seeing.

Here are Jamie’s Choices:

The Beach

One great thing about the location of Caille Blanc is its proximity so some of the most beautiful beaches, including the beach at Anse Chastanet and Sugar Beach.

There, various water sports, including paddle boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling are available. But, if you’re anything like me, hanging out on a cozy chair is totally enough.

The Historical Sights

When we visited St. Lucia for the first time, Adam and I visited the old Sugar Mill near Anse Chastanet Beach. This is a beautiful sight for both photographs and weddings. The trails around this historical landmark are perfect for a mid-morning stroll or a bike ride.

caille blanc villa

caille blanc villa

If visiting this spot in the evening, it’s the perfect place to catch the sunset. We loved spending the evenings on the rocky coastline, arms around one another as we took in the beautiful horizon.

Here are Adam’s Choices:

The Pitons

Another great thing to do? Hiking Gros Piton. For us, it was our first adventure as husband and wife. It was so difficult (and took a long, long time) but when we reached the top, we knew that we had never felt better. The pride that we had in ourselves for doing something that we hadn’t done before was amazing.

caille blanc villa

Adam recommends going on this adventure with loved ones because the challenge is something worth sharing.

The Local Food

We have always loved trying different foods, but we totally fell head over heels for the food in St. Lucia. This was the first time that we had ever tried roti – and now, we can’t get enough of it. And we happened to find a great place in Orlando: Mamak. Yeah, Adam and I always get roti.

The local beer, Piton, is also delicious. It’s a great, refreshing, summer beer that adds a little something to the best vacation ever.

caille blanc villa

How About the Wedding?

Obvi, Adam and I chose to get married in St. Lucia. For those looking to get married outside of the US, this is an amazing location to consider. I still get compliments on the photos; and I’ll never, ever forget this beautiful island. If you want to read our vows or if you’re interested in writing your own: check out this post.

Oh, and if you’re looking to spend time on this beautiful island and don’t want to stay in one of the resorts (because, let’s face it, Jade Mountain is super expensive), check out Caille Blanc Villa; it’s totally worth it.

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