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Each month, we attempt to ensure that we’re going on dates but, with the craziness that stems from the beginning of fall (since Jamie works at a school), we’ve fallen out of the habit. And, relationship wise, that’s not the healthiest thing for us to do (not for long periods of time). Thank goodness someone made up a Date Night In box, because we were able to go on a date in our own home; and that special date night feeling? It was still there.


So, Date Night In was created to help couples (or families, as there is a Kids Night In option) connect with each other and create new memories. They understand how busy life can get and want to help those same busy people maintain the most special parts of a relationship – the moments that are shared together.

In each box, there are activities, a fun Spotify playlist, recipes (complete with a shopping list), and much more. At this time, there are various options: customers can choose one box for $41.99 (which is a lot cheaper than the dates that we end up on) or subscribe for more.

There is an option for 3 months of dates, 6 months, or even 12! For an idea, the plan that includes 12 dates costs $464.00.

There are other perks of being a member too, like access to additional recipes, playlists, and a community of more than 100 thousand couples.

For those interested, there is also a faith-based option.


The box that Date Night In was kind enough to send us (FYI – all opinions are our own) was the Dine and Dance Date Night In box. To be honest, this was a surprise from Jamie to Adam and, upon hearing what box was on the way, Jamie was worried that Adam would hate it.

date night in box

Fun Fact: Adam hates to dance.

Well, it might not be that he actually hates it, but he definitely isn’t bff’s with the dance floor like Jamie is. So, obvi, Jamie was a bit hesitant and worried.

However, here’s what happened:

Adam’s Thoughts

At first, he wasn’t excited – at all. Dancing? Oh no. In fact, he was kind of upset about the thought of the date. But, after setting up the camera and helping Jamie with roasting and mashing the garlic (and giving reminders to watch out and not put the oven on convection on accident), things got better.

date night in box

The house started to smell like pizza and garlic. The couch was becoming a cozy little date night oasis. There was football on in the background (because the date night playlist – which Jamie thought was a good idea – was not going to happen).

After the pizza came out of the oven and tasted shockingly good, it got even better.

Truth be told, Adam would prefer to do date night out. He would prefer to order than make another pizza (he doesn’t like to experiment as much as Jamie does). But he can’t state that the experience was awful. He can state that he did not dance, nor will he ever dance on a date night, but the food, the champagne, and the time spent together was nice.

His favorite part: the food.

Jamie’s Thoughts

At first, she was worried about ruining the pizza. But, after some help from Adam, things went a bit more smoothly. To be honest, we both thought the pizza would be a fail (and that we’d have to order some to salvage the night) but it went well. We even cheers-ed the shocking success!

date night in box

When it came to the remainder of the date, the dancing and the games – well, truth be told, Jamie was much more eager and willing to do them. We did find out what kinds of pizzas we are (Jamie was Neapolitan and Adam was Supreme!) and played a few rounds of the fun card game in the box…planning our future/dream date nights was fun! But we didn’t dance, which was part of the experience.

But please don’t take our we-didn’t-utilize-the-full-experience take on Date Night In Box to affect your decision. There are lots of date night in options – keep that in mind.

Her favorite part: spending no-cell-phone-time together.


In conclusion, we did enjoy the experience of Date Night In Box. Was it our perfect date night? No. But we did make a pizza for the first time and, for the first time in a loooong time, we weren’t drawn to our phones.

date night in box

For Jamie – whose love language is quality time – that means something. Being together and sharing in experiences, whether fun or uncomfortable or amazing or sad, is what it means to be a couple. Even if this wasn’t Adam’s favorite date night, it was a great date night solution for our “busiest season”.

For Adam – whose love language is physical touch – it was nice. Even though dancing doesn’t count as physical touch in his book, spending active time together at home (when we’re either too busy or unable to go out) is a great alternative.

What do you think? Would you try out Date Night In?

We want to thank Date Night In Box for sponsoring this post.

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