Disney Instagram Spots: Hollywood Studios

While Disney World isn’t Adam’s favorite spot, I love it so, so much! It’s a great place for fun little adventures, delicious food, and photos. It’s true, Adam hasn’t been to the parks multiple times like I have, but he’s noticed the same photo spots that I have. Disney World is such an Instagrammable place, and we’ve (ok, mostly me!) rounded up some of our favorite Disney Instagram spots at Hollywood Studios.

And don’t worry – we’ve got plans to post some Instagram photo spots from the other parks! It might take some time but they’ll come out…one at a time. But, for those planning a trip to the parks soon, our FastPass recommendations post is also live! This includes a list of the rides we would suggest snagging a FastPass for – and it includes some extras…for those times when all the “good ones” are taken.

Since Hollywood Studios contains various areas, we figured we’d share the photo spots based on the areas listed in the app. Oh, and we’ll also include a little tip or trick when sharing our list of Disney Instagram spots.

Hollywood Boulevard

Right when one enters the park, there’s the greatest stroller pick-up area ever! It looks like an old gas station, complete with cute vintage gas pumps.

disney instagram spots

Depending on the time that you’re there, it can be quite busy, with people standing in front of the pumps or kids running around them. Nonetheless, we think it’s a great photo spot. For those that don’t want blatant Disney photos on their feeds or in their camera rolls, this is a spot for you.

Sunset Boulevard

Heading into the park and want to head to Sunset Boulevard first? Head toward the right. The Tower of Terror (yikes!) and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster are over there. These are definitely the rides with the most thrill. But, for those that aren’t interested in thrill, there’s the Beauty and the Beast show and Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy.

Over here, there are a lot of cool storefronts to snag photos in front of. A lot of people take photos in front of the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster but that totally isn’t our style. Instead, we recommend the storefronts for sure.

disney instragram spots

disney instagram spots

We like the colorful photo spot right in front of the Beverly Sunset storefront. There’s also the Once Upon a Time storefront located next to the Beauty and the Beast. And, for those seeking something a little bit whimsical, take a snap right next to the luggage (complete with a Route 66 sign)! We haven’t gotten one there but think it’s a cute photo spot!

Animation Courtyard

This little alcove used to be home to the Great Movie Ride (which will soon become Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway – I can’t wait!). There are lots of other fun things to do here too, including some character meets, a cute dance party for the little ones, and The Little Mermaid show.

One epic photo spot is of the ride itself. This replica of the Chinese Theatre is such a stunning facade. For those seeking a snap like this, getting over there earlier is better. We had to wait a few minutes for people to wander out of the way.

disney world instagram spots

Oh, and when setting this up, stand back; there’s bench that’s on the other side of the sidewalk. Stand there. It’s ok! People can either pause while you snag a few snaps or walk around!

Commissary Lane

It’s just a little street that connects two sections of the park, but there’s a cute little Mickey and Minnie meet-and-greet here too! And, there’s also a fun little photo spot right in front of the 50’s Prime Time Cafe.

disney instagram spots

You can sit right in the car or, if there aren’t people sitting along the little bench on the righthand side (where you can see the woman’s legs), you can sit there in front of the sign.

Interested in a fun pose? Mimic the scared couple behind you! It’s such a fun little photo idea for those that like to get a little silly sometimes too.

Grand Avenue

Home of the Muppet Vision 3D show and a few cute little shops and food spots, Grand Avenue is a place that could be skipped or missed while adventuring through Hollywood Studios.

There’s a fun photo spot in front of the pizza restaurant. It doesn’t even look like we’re in the park here! And believe us, it kind of doesn’t feel like it either.

disney instagram spots

And then, there’s a quick turn, and we’re reminded of where we are. Here, there’s a colorful little accident with some paint and some muppets. It’s not our favorite photo spot (it’s kind of like that whole taking-the-snap-with-the-guitar thing for us) but here it is.

disney instagram spots

Plus, who doesn’t love Kermit? Oh, and no, we haven’t ever seen the show, but we have wandered around this spot multiple times.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

We can’t even decide how to begin talking about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This “world” is fully immersive and feels like you’re in another place entirely. Disney really payed attention to detail. It’s such an incredible experience, walking through the gates the first time (we recommend not going through Toy Story), especially for you Star Wars fans out there!

There are tons of photo opportunities here. There are various ships and droids hanging around.

disney instagram spots

disney instagram spots

disney instragram spots

And for those interested, you can snag a spot in front of the AT-AT. You could even get your hands on a lightsaber if you’re lucky!

PS: For those that must know…The Rise of the Resistance was worth it. That is all.

Toy Story Land

Home to the best backyard ever, Toy Story Land is such a great area. The theming is amazing – the details! – and the food is pure perfection. It’s one of our favorite places to grab a quick lunch at the parks. And it’s got a few hidden Mickeys too!

Hint: There’s one in the berries at Woody’s Lunch Box and another in the drawing that Andy made right before you board Slinky Dog Dash!

Other than the photo right at the entrance, with the sign and a larger than life Woody, which is a great snap…but a little too much for us…we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. The first is the Popsicle Stick Wall, which is located on the way out of Toy Story Mania.

fastpass recommendations

disney instagram spots

There is also a checkers board wall at the exit of Toy Story Mania, but we aren’t as interested in that one. And there’s the larger than life Buzz Lightyear as well!

Pixar Place

In Pixar Place, there is the obvious photo spot…the wall. This is a great area to take some photos but we’ve never been excited about the way that they turn out. Yeah, we love the little pink and purple swirl as much as the next Disney couple, but there are other spots that we prefer, like the wall that Jack Jack walked through!

A Little Trick: For those that want a snap of the obvious photo wall, grab a snack and use this as the background.

disney instagram spots

disney instagram spots

disney instagram spots

And look around while walking through. You’ll find clues that lead you to where Jack Jack is hiding, including some Cookie Num Num crumbs and the remnants of Jack Jack’s laser vision.

Oh and another foodie tip (maybe we should start planning for a foodie’s guide to Disney post?!): grab a Cookie Num Num. It’s legitimately so good – and for those that love chocolate chip cookies as much as Adam does…it’s worth it. It’s totally worth it.

Man, we hope that you found this post useful! We can’t wait to share more of our favorite Disney Instagram spots from each of the parks. It’ll be a bit of work (and a lot of fun at the parks) to continue working on these, but it’s worth it. Oh, and we want to extend a huge thanks for Angela for helping with this blog post! Without her, Adam would have had to purchase an annual pass – haha!

PS: We’ve started a bucket list as well. Give us a follow at thewdwbucketlist and check out our ever-changing bucket list too!

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