Hiking the Castle Walls in Kotor

While there are various options for your Kotor bucket list, hiking the castle walls is a must-do for the adventure seekers out there. When we began searching for things to do in Kotor, this was the first thing we stumbled upon. We love hiking, Adam especially, and couldn’t wait to embark on this adventure. For information on the details and our experience, keep reading!

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Once we entered the walls of the medieval city of Kotor, it didn’t take us long to find the stairs that led us to the fortress and castle. We went toward the right and kind of meandered down the main street until we came across a sign that led us up a set of steps.

hiking the castle walls in kotor

It was right near a plaza with restaurants and shops and, in all honesty, we feel like it’s the natural route one would take upon entering the walled city.

After hiking up a few steps (which took us past someone’s home so don’t be alarmed!), we came upon the ticket booth. The cost: 8 Euro per person.

Time + Distance

In total, the trip (including our journey to and from the tender) was two and a half hours. We felt as though 8 Euro was reasonable for that amount of time. This was especially true when we saw a young man hauling down tons of bright pink trash bags from the trail. By that time, it was already extremely hot. He didn’t even break a sweat.

hiking the castle walls in kotor

That day, we walked a total of 6.2 miles. This includes the hike and wandering through the streets of Kotor later that afternoon.

Level of Difficulty

Adam and I have been on various hikes and we know that it’s mildly difficult (or dangerous) when I hesitate to do it. I never felt that on this hike.

The hike comprised of a lot of steps. Some areas, especially on the way down, were slippery – why did they use such a slick surface to build with back then?! – so take it slow.

hiking the castle walls in kotor

We both chose to dress for the hike; however, we also saw a lot of people wearing flip flops or other kinds of shoes. Those that chose to dress cute looked miserable at the summit. We both recommend wearing hiking gear, particularly if you’re going in the summertime. We both had to take our shirts off halfway up.

Our Experience

We would both highly recommend this hike for those visiting Kotor. We found it to be an easy hike. There are lots of little areas to explore, in both the castle and the fortress, and the views of the city below are second-to-none. With each step, the view changed, the pretty rooftops falling away to expose views of the blue waters as we rose toward the summit.

Adam’s Thoughts

The hike would have been a lot easier if it hadn’t been so hot. By the end of it, I was ready to get back to the boat to shower.

hiking the castle walls in kotor

It was worth it, though. The views of the city from the castle and fortress is something everyone should see at least once. The photos are incredible.

Jamie’s Thoughts

While the hike was hot, ultra hot (even for the Florida girl), it was worth the sweat and near-tears. Ok, I slipped twice, which always gets me feeling a little anxious for the next step, but wasn’t close to tears.

hiking the castle walls in kotor

While I needed frequent water breaks, I didn’t feel like I needed a lot of endurance to make it to the top. The steps are easy to navigate and, with each landing exposing more and more of the city below, resting was natural. We would often stop to take snaps of the world below us.

Our Recommendations

If planning to go on this hike in the summer, we recommend taking a few bottles of water. While our ship didn’t anchor until around 10 am, we recommend starting the hike earlier (if able). The heat in the middle of the day was intense and, in all honesty, when we went out later that afternoon it wasn’t much better. Therefore, we feel that earlier is best. The heat felt no different at five than at noon.

Wear comfortable clothing. It’s going to get HOT! As stated earlier, we definitely lost our shirts during the hike. Wearing workout gear really helped with all the sweating.

hiking the castle walls in koto

hiking the castle walls in kotor

Take pictures all along the trail but take pictures of YOU as soon as possible. You will be a mess by the time you reach the summit.

Hint: This is why we are turned away in all of the photos. We did that or stood farrrr from the lens. No one can see the beads of sweat if you’re an inch tall!

Hiking the castle walls in Kotor is one hike we loved doing and it’ll remain in our list of favorites for a while. Want to read small bits about other hikes we’ve done? Check out our Juneau and St. Lucia posts.

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