How to Survive a Home Renovation

Home renovations are stressful. It makes living a bit more difficult – we still remember the time we spent without a kitchen! – but there are things that we can do to limit the amount of added strain. A home renovation will affect a relationship; heck, it’s a huge thing to manage. But we’ve got some tips on how to survive a home renovation.

A few winters ago, we renovated our kitchen. We tore out the old, stock kitchen and switched it up. It was an exciting thing to go through but, as is expected, it was also stressful. Our home was a construction zone for quite a while. Dust was all over the place. Strange people were in our home all the time. We felt like we needed to monitor them – who doesn’t feel like this when people are working in your home?! – which took time from each other.

Plus, we can’t forget about the whole not-being-able-to-eat-at-home thing. While it was nice to go on “date nights” each night, it was also difficult. We weren’t eating as well as we normally liked to and it got pricey after a while, so we tried to supplement our normal taste with some fast food nights. It wasn’t fun.

survive a home renovation

Nonetheless, we survived – and all without huge arguments or shouting matches either! – and we’re stronger now because of it. So, check out our tips below:

fight fair

We are huge about fighting fair in marriage. There is no reason to take things to far, to make things personal, or to shout during a home renovation. Yeah, things will not go as planned. Sure, there will be times when things take longer than expected. Life happens. But the most important thing is how we managed it.

For more tips on fighting fair, click to read out post here.

have a plan

At the moment, we are remodeling our closet. Due to the layout of our home, we know that this could turn into a full bathroom and closet remodel. We’ve developed a plan for our clothes (check out Jamie’s Insta post here!) but need to make a plan of where all of our bathroom things will go and how we will manage living out of our guest bath.

Note: our guest bathroom’s storage is minimal in comparison to our bath.

These plans will have to contain places that extra stuff will sit. Let’s face it, there’s always junk that we’ll have to just find a home for until the reno is complete. If you’re kind of like Jamie and get anxious when things are super messy, you’ll just have to mentally prep for what’s to come.

designate a lead

As Adam has the flexibility to work from home if needed, he is the lead for home renovations or remodels. He runs things by Jamie but is the main point of contact and is the one responsible for making in-the-moment decisions if need be.

survive a home renovation

Since we have a plan of what we want overall, he has the freedom to make these decisions one his own if Jamie is not able to be reached. This trust in each other has helped to make our home projects run smoothly, as neither is stressed or upset from a single, simple decision.

take a break

During the times workers aren’t around, attempt to spend time together. We know that projects can pull you from one another, making it seem like distance is wedging between you, but it only will if you let it.

So, on weekends, go on an actual date. Leave the house and get away from the reminder that your home is a disaster zone. Grab a drink, talk about something other than the remodel, and remind yourselves and each other that this is just a phase.

Remodels or renovations are hard. Let’s not make them harder than needed. We are all capable of managing the stress of a home renovation. We are all capable of surviving one. Just keep moving forward and remember that, one day, it will end.

When it does, you’ll both be standing there, together, hand in hand, as you look at what you accomplished. And that will feel so good.

So, are there some tips or tricks that we forgot?

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