How we Maintain a Well-Balanced Life

We are both conscious of our health and bodies. Neither of us is consistent with diets or workouts, but we attempt to maintain a health-focused life. And each of us has different hobbies or “requirements” that we consider to be important in maintaining our wellbeing. At the same time, we love to have fun, drink and eat, and lounge around. So how do we do it all? Keep reading to find out how we maintain a well-balanced life.

Part of maintaining a well-balanced life, is mental health too. Interested in part of that aspect of our lives? Check out our post on fighting fair!

What we Both Do

we both drink water.

The first and most important thing that we do to maintain a well-balanced life is to drink water. Unless we are drinking alcohol, we don’t drink much else. Yes, we do have coffee in the morning but, after that, it’s water, water, and more water.

We have these water bottles that help us to drink two liters of water each day. It really isn’t difficult to keep up with it either. We just take four or so sips each hour and, next thing we know, we’ve had tons of water.

we keep a consistent bedtime.

While we stay up later on the weekends sometimes, it isn’t much later than our normal weekday bedtime. It’s no more than an hour to and hour and a half later. And we attempt to wake up at the same time in the morning, no matter what.

Keeping this consistent bedtime helps us with a lot. We don’t overeat (we all know about those late-night munchies) and we (obvi) get enough sleep. When we head to bed, we also attempt to put our phones down. It helps us to fall asleep faster.

we hang out with our friends – alone.

Adam and I hang out a lot together (obvi, we’re married and have this blog together!) but we always make time to hang out with other people. During this time, we do things that the other person doesn’t much care for.

For example, Jamie heads to Disney with her friends or sister. Adam will play video games or smoke a cigar with a friend.

well-balanced life

What Adam Does

he does intermittent fasting.

In the morning, Adam will drink a coffee and then he won’t eat until lunchtime. He does this most days (unless Jamie insists on getting breakfast at some cool, new place). This is his way of managing calories – and he feels so much better when he fasts.

During this time, Adam does drink a lot of water. It helps to keep him hydrated and feeling full of energy during the busiest of mornings.

he takes time to relax.

Adam is definitely one of those people that likes to stay at home and relax. He ensures that relaxing is a priority, and will often make time for things that he enjoys, like hanging out with friends, video games, or whatever new hobby he’s starting.

He ensures that Jamie knows when he wants to make this a priority too, especially if he needs to take a weekend morning to chill after a busy work week. It’s good that he forces Jamie to relax to; otherwise, she’d just keep planning things to do!

well-balanced life

What Jamie Does

she works out.

Using the Sweat App to work out at home, Jamie tries to complete at least three workouts a week. To be honest though, she’s an all-or-nothing type of person, and usually works out the full, recommended six times (a mix of both resistance and cardio workouts).

This application has been fun and simple to use. It’s the first program she’s done (and stuck with) that she’s seen actual changes happening. One day, she’ll stick with it long enough to see some permanent changes – she hopes!

she reads.

It’s kind of her own version of relaxing, reading. But reading also allows her to focus on one of her favorite things: writing. When reading, Jamie often gets inspiration for writing and, as she wants to keep this hobby an active one in her life, it’s important to make reading a priority.

she purchases healthier food options.

Adam isn’t always a fan of the snacks Jamie purchases at Publix (or whatever grocery store she’s obsessed with that week) but it ends up forcing him to eat some healthier things. It is particularly helpful during the work week, when a few of the dinner options are calorie intense (we’ve all got those simple, quick go-to recipes!).

Overall, though, Adam’s intermittent fasting helps him deal with those evening meals while maintaining his weight; Jamie would rather eat, so the healthier breakfasts/lunches and the workouts help to balance her love of food. What kind of person are you?

Oh and what tips do you have? How do you maintain a well-balanced life?

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