L’Auberge de Sedona

While we love to travel abroad, we also love to travel stateside. We visited Arizona last fall, and it was one of the places that Jamie didn’t know was on her bucket list…until we got there. On this trip, we decided to visit Sedona, home of the stunning red rocks. In order to take in the scene as much as possible, we settled on L’Auberge de Sedona for our accommodation.

All About L’Auberge de Sedona

L’Auberge de Sedona is a luxe resort and spa in the heart of Sedona. This resort is home to various cottages, both Creekside and Vista (the Vista Cottages come with the views of the red rocks!), the amazing Lodge (which has various rooms and reminded us of a vintage lodge/hotel), and the Creekhouse (a larger, more private accommodation that is perfect for parties).

l'auberge de sedona

L’Auberge also has a spa (since our trip was quite short and packed with a ton of activities we didn’t get to experience it), delicious restaurants (including the romantic Cress), and some resort-based activities, including duck feeding, stargazing, and more.

Our Experience

After the long drive from Phoenix to Sedona, we stepped out into the chill evening air and into the lobby to check in. The feeling of autumn was held in the golden glow of the falling sun and the rust-colored leaves. It was such a beautiful setting. We allowed the staff to prepare our luggage for our room, waited for our keys, and were taken up to our Vista Cottage in a golf cart. It wasn’t a long trip but it was nice to be taken care of.

The cottage was nice. The bed was soft and comfortable. The room and bathroom were spacious. The outdoor shower would have been cooler on during a warmer month, but the view was spectacular. As the staff left us, the sun was beginning to set. We enjoyed a light meal and some drinks from room service (our morning would be super early the next day) while we watched one of the most amazing sunsets; and then, afterwards, we went exploring.

l'auberge de sedona

In the star and lamplight, we walked to the Lodge, stepping inside and taking a peek around before leaving and meandering toward the creek. We walked along some paths before feeling bad about laughing and playing near rooms where people might be sleeping. So, we went back to our room and settled in, preparing ourselves for an early morning.

Over the next few mornings and evenings, we looked out at the beautiful view, sat near the cozy fireplace, ate in the restaurants, and explored some more.

All in all, we both loved it, and we would definitely return to L’Auberge. Therefore, we’ve decided to add some reasons we think that others should choose L’Auberge de Sedona.

Reasons to Choose L’Auberge

the service

The people that worked at L’Auberge were super kind, personable, and knowledgeable. The service was spectacular and, not just because of the hiking and restaurant advice that we got; it was also because of the driving service that was given to us when we went on a date night to one of their recommended restaurants, Mariposa.

l'auberge de sedona

The beautiful fruit and cheese platter that was in our room that first night, the super real advice about hiking Cathedral Rock, and the quick repair to the door handle that happened to come off when Jamie touched it (oops!) were also things that added to our overall experience with L’Auberge.

Truth be told, it’s nice to be treated well, to be pampered, and to feel relaxed after a long afternoon hike or a late dinner. L’Auberge did that and more.

the location

Obvi we chose Sedona because of the location but the actual location of the resort was perfect. We loved spending the morning on our private deck, staring out at the amazing view. But the creek and the paths the weaved in and out of the cottages and along the water’s edge added to the magic of this part of the world.

All around us was nature and, at night, because the light pollution in Sedona is so minimal, the stars were so bright. It was like nothing we had ever seen before (and it inspired Adam’s love for night photography). Everything about the location of L’Auberge was perfect because, even though it was in the middle of Sedona, it felt so far.

the romance

To be honest, L’Auberge was quite a romantic resort. While we didn’t take full advantage of all the romance (since we went over our Thanksgiving Break, a lot of things at the actual resort were booked), we still felt it. A morning at the spa, an evening spent eating along the creek at Cress, or even an evening eating dinner on the deck of your cottage would be perfect.

l'auberge de sedona

We even saw a spot for a romantic dinner for two – and it’s what we would totally call date night! – underneath a crystal chandelier hung in a pergola. It was a dream.

But we’d both have to state that the best part was cuddling on the deck in the mornings and evenings, mug of coffee or glass of wine/champagne in hand, as we watched the sun rise and fall over the horizon.

So, for those that go out in search of luxe resorts, what are reasons that would entice you to stay there?

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