Our Five Day Grenada Itinerary

Although we cancelled our spring break trip to Grenada, we still planned the trip; and, we still hope to visit this Caribbean island sometime soon. So, we guess, in the grande scheme of things, we just postponed it. While we’re all waiting until travel bans are lifted, we thought we’d share our five day Grenada itinerary.

where we plan to stay

Silversands Resort is a luxe resort on the beautiful island of Grenada. Nestled along a pristine beach, there are multiple rooms and suites, a spa, fitness center, and a rum/cigar lounge. This resort even has the longest pool in the Caribbean!

In truth, we ended up discovering Grenada because of an email that Amex sent Adam. This stunning resort was added to their list of Fine Resorts and Hotels and the first image of it enthralled us both. After taking a look around, and finding that Grenada is just our kind of Caribbean island, we booked a trip – and yes, we booked it on a whim.

grenada itinerary

We were so excited to go that we drafted our blog post on Silversands; when it comes out (we’ll most likely visit after hurricane season is over), it’s got a lot of info on the resort itself, including where to eat and what to do – and it’ll contain our experience too!

our five day grenada itinerary

day one: arrival

Just like last time, we will definitely book an early morning flight (with hopefully a shorter layover in Miami) so that we get to Grenada earlier. When traveling, we like to maximize our time, so we tend to book earlier departures and later arrivals.

Since Silversands Resort offers airport transport, we’ll likely arrange a car and head straight there. The resort itself is filled with various activities or things to do, so we plan on spending time there, relaxing after a long trip.

It’s kind of how we like to travel…we tend to stop at our hotel, shower, and chill (at least for a bit). Most likely, I’ll be hungry by this time, and we’ll head off to grab a quick lunch at one of the various restaurants. Then, we’ll explore the grounds of the hotel before heading out to the beach.

grenada itinerary

The beach here, Grand Anse Beach, is supposed to be one of the best on the island. We’ll relax, grab a few drinks, and hang out while we watch our first Grenadian sunset. Then, we’ll head back to the room and change for dinner.

On the first night, we’ll head out to Grenadian Grill. It looks super delicious and isn’t super nice (we like to spend one evening on a nice date but do’t usually choose the first night).

day two: grand etang national park

After a nice relaxing day at the resort, we’ll be prepped for an early morning hike. We want to hike Mt. Qua Qua, as the view is supposed to be amazing, but we also want to see some of the waterfalls in the park. Since the hike to Concord Falls from the Mt. Qua Qua summit is supposed to be quite challenging and slippery, we probably won’t do that (I’m a huge baby and will stop if I feel like I’m going to slide off the edge of the mountain!).

Another hike we’re interested in is the one to Seven Sisters Falls. It’s supposed to be a super gorgeous waterfall, and we love knowing that the view would be even more rewarding because of the hike.

We’re unsure if we’d be able to do both of these hikes on the same day but, if we’re limited to just one of them, we might choose to hike to Seven Sisters, as there are seven falls in total that we’d like to see.

grenada itinerary

Since we’ll likely be super sweaty (and damp from all the waterfalls!) after this, we’ll head back to the resort after this. We’ll relax near the pool or in the room after a shower.

Afterwards, we’ll head out for a casual dinner at The Beach Lounge. We hear that it’s an amazing place during sunset, so we plan to make a reservation (to be safe).

day three: st. george’s and annadale falls

Since we had a long morning and afternoon of hiking the day before, we’ll head out for casual stroll around St. George’s (and we’ll visit the fort) prior to heading to our second falls of the trip: Annadale.

Annadale Falls are supposed to be quite easy to get to; apparently, it’s “drive-up” so we won’t have to manage a long hike; but it’s also the busiest and most popular waterfall in Grenada so, while it’s simple to get to, it’ll probably be crowded and, thus, it might not be our favorite spot.

grenada itinerary

After passing the morning and afternoon in town and at the falls, we plan to head back to Silversands to hang out prior to enjoying the sunset cruise we plan to book with Savvy Sailing Tours. While we love the idea of the full day cruise (and we’d love it even more if it meant we could see the sunset), Adam gets quite seasick, so the less time we spend on the boat, the better.

After cruising, we’ll head back for our date night at Asiatique and, if we aren’t too tired, we’ll probably head to the cigar lounge so that Adam can enjoy a cigar at Puro while I sip on a cocktail.

day four: scuba and concord falls

Truth be told, I’m not a fan of water…like at all. That’s the main reason we tend to choose more adventurous islands. Adam ends up doing all of the water attractions on his own, which he hates, so we avoid them. But I couldn’t let him pass up the chance to scuba in the Mollinaire Underwater Sculpture Park.

So, after a nice breakfast at the hotel, we’ll head over to the underwater sculpture park, where Adam will enjoy himself for a few hours. Afterward, we plan to visit Concord Falls, which is in the parish of Saint John. It isn’t too much farther of a drive (the underwater sculpture park is somewhere in the middle of Silversands and the falls), so we’ll definitely head there for an afternoon adventure.

As with Seven Sisters, Concord Falls is a chain. We read that, to explore some of the others, there’s a bit of a hike, so we’ll determine if we’ll make the hike when we get there. We hear that it can be an all day adventure to, so there’s room to rearrange schedules if you’d prefer to spend time on the hike.

grenada itinerary

After our adventure at the falls, we’ll go back to the hotel and grab room service, so that we can watch the sunset from the balcony of our room (we booked the Penthouse Level King last time, so we’ll probably book it again). Then we’ll probably meander around the resort prior to going to bed.

day five: departure

As with all itineraries, we aren’t sure whether we’ll have an earlier flight or if we’ll have the chance to hang around some. Either way, we’ll have breakfast at the resort. If there’s the opportunity to hang around a bit more, we’ll most likely spend time at the resort (no one likes to drag luggage with them!).

if we had extra time (or if we decide to change our minds)

Some other ideas that we have (or some other things that we’d like to do while in Grenada) include, visiting the Belmont Estate (and nomming on some delicious chocolate), exploring Mount Carmel Falls, and going on a super fun tour with Sun Hunters.

grenada itinerary

At Sun Hunters, you can book a Jeep or Dune Buggy tour! The one we were most interested in was the Annadale Falls and Forest Adventure tour. Who knows, we might even book it for the date that we planned to visit Annadale and go in to explore St. George’s afterward or on that first day. Hm, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea actually. I bet Adam would love to drive around on a dune buggy!

What do you think? What would you choose to do on your adventure in Grenada?

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