Our Seabourn Cruise Bucket List

We love Seabourn. We’ve been cruising with them for a few years now and, even though we’ll be skipping this year (you know why: #2020), we have a bucket list of cruises that we have plans to check off…one at a time. So please keep reading to discover our Seabourn cruise bucket list.

reasons we love seabourn

Adam and I love Seabourn cruises for various reasons. This luxe cruise line has been with us since the beginning (ok, it all started with our honeymoon), and we love it so much that we haven’t even considered another cruise line.

One of those reasons is the level of service that Seabourn provides. The staff know you…really know you. They greet you by name, bring you your favorite drinks (yes, they have your favorite drinks memorized!), and legit remember you. How do I know?



Well, the woman that was our suite stewardess on our first cruise happened to be on our second Mediterranean cruise. She isn’t a stewardess anymore (she’s been promoted!) but, when we passed by her in the hallway, she stopped us. It was surreal, and special, and wonderful all at the same time; and it solidified our reasons for loving Seabourn.

Ok, I could go on and on, but this isn’t the only reason we love Seabourn, though. If you’re interested in reading more of those reasons, check out our post.

our seabourn cruise bucket list

Ok, let’s go back to the reason we’re here; we’re travel bloggers right?! And, because we are travelers, albeit part-time, we’ve got a bucket list. Oh, and since Adam and I are avid cruisers, we kind of have two…for now, let’s just check out our Seabourn cruise bucket list.

But, if you’re interested in some bucket list destinations that don’t require a cruise, check out our itineraries for Banff and Grenada.


Antartica has been on our bucket list for a long time, and when Seabourn announced their expedition cruise itineraries (beginning in 2021) on the Seabourn Venture, we knew we had to wait. Their new expedition ships sound and look amazing. Check out their YouTube video for tons of detail!


The thing that we’re most excited about? The submarine! We can’t wait to get a chance to see some of the least explored places in a manner that most people will never be able to. This, and just having the opportunity to see Antartica itself, lands this in spot number one on our bucket list.

jewels of arabia and india

Adam and I haven’t had the chance to explore the world beyond Greece. We are dying to visit places like Thailand and Dubai and Singapore, and think that starting out on a cruise is the best way to find out which places we like most (so that we can go back to later on).

This cruise is eighteen days (which would be the longest cruise we’ve ever taken with Seabourn), but it sounds like it would be an amazing adventure. It takes us to all of these places and even more.


The only thing that makes me nervous about this cruise? The amount of sea days…Adam gets seasick if the water is choppy, so we’ll have to do some research prior to deciding. Nonetheless, this would be an amazing adventure and we would cross off a multitude of places on our list.


Another country we’re dying to visit? Indonesia. With the variety of cruises that would take us to the famous Bali, as well as other islands, we’d have no trouble finding one. There’s even a ten day cruise (that would probably be a bit better than the eighteen day one right now!) that basically goes island-hopping.


This cruise starts in Bali (and Adam better know we’ll be flying earlier to stay in some kind of villa beforehand!) and ends in Singapore (…and I’ll want to stay late too if we can manage it!). Hm, maybe I should move this one up on the list so that Adam will prioritize it – thoughts?!

the amazon

Ok, with that whole new Seabourn Venture, there’s the chance to explore the Amazon – and all while lapping in luxury! It sounds perfect to me.

For some itineraries, you’re legit in the Amazon the whole time; if you want to explore a bit more of South America and travel to places like Rio de Janeiro, there are other options. Either way, you’d probably better bring some mosquito spray!

the arctic

Hey! We want to visit Antarctica…did you really think we’d skip out on the arctic?! Iceland is definitely on the list, and it has been for some time, but when we saw that we could also include Greenland on a trip, we knew we had to go.

I mean, doesn’t visiting Greenland sound fantastic to you? Sure, we could go to Norway (believe us, it’s on the list too, and we almost booked a trip this summer…but our schedules wouldn’t allow it), but do you know anyone that’s been to Greenland?

seabourn cruise bucket list

the arctic

We love visiting places that people love, that are popular, that are Instagram famous; but there’s something about visiting a place that lots of people haven’t been to. It’s what we love and it’s why we started the blog…we like to do our own thing when it comes to travel. We want to inspire others to do the same!

So what about you…what’s on your cruise bucket list?

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