Our Wedding

One June 7, 2017, we got married in St. Lucia at Caille Blanc Villa. We had a small wedding, with just eleven of our closest friends/family members. While we originally intended to elope, we opted not to and want to extend an invitation for you to join us as we celebrate our wedding anniversary.

It’s Legal

Some things to know about getting married St. Lucia. Yes, it is legal and we were able to take both our original, handwritten marriage certificate as well as a typed/printed version that would be best for legal documentation (e.g. name changes).

our wedding

our wedding

When Jamie went to change her name, the woman at Social Security did scare her, as she couldn’t find St. Lucia wedding certificates on the site (or something like that) but it went through and Jamie was able to change her name.

Our Potential Wedding Locations

We went to St. Lucia a little less than a year prior to our wedding date, during our Thanksgiving Break, to scope out locations. We looked at Jade Mountain, Caille Blanc, and another villa that was higher up the mountain. While we also loved Jade Mountain, it would have cost a lot more.

Instead, we agreed that we would consider going back to Jade Mountain on our own.

However, prior to that, our plan is to go back to Caille Blanc for our fifth anniversary, with our loved ones again – with potential changes in guests, of course.

Our Wedding Planner

Michelle, from Awesome Caribbean Weddings, was a huge help to us during the planning phase. She gave us ideas for our vows (we ended up writing our own), gave us some local photographers to choose from (we chose Daniel and the photos turned out so well), and helped Jamie choose flowers for her bouquet.

our wedding

our wedding

Our overall design was minimal; we opted to use the same florals for both the altar and the reception table, as we didn’t want to waste the beauties.

That Night

Now that we’ve talked a bit about our wedding, we want to share that night with you. We hope you enjoy! Oh, and if you have questions about anything, please feel free to ask!

Oh and let’s just state for the record that our “videographer” was amazing! Thanks Tracy for taking this video without our knowledge! We are eternally grateful!

PS: Jamie’s dress was BHLDN. Adam’s pants and shirt were Zara.

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