Places to Get Coffee in Orlando

Coffee – the first thing that we think about when we wake up, the first idea that pops into our brains when someone wants to meet somewhere, and the thing we crave when we’re feeling exhausted. Coffee is, for some people, life. It’s the thing that gets them through a long work meeting or a night out. So, for those craving coffee from somewhere unique, check out our list of places to get coffee in Orlando.

Adam’s Picks

Lineage Coffee Roasting

We first tried Lineage on a trip to East End Market, a little farmer’s-market-type place in Winter Park. We would often stop here and grab a latte before heading over to pick up some cookies or fresh baked bread. Later, we found out that there was a full store (right next to a pizza place!) a short distance from us.

I met a friend there on my first visit and the coffee was simply amazing! We fully recommend trying one of their iced coffees. And, if you want, go grab a slice of pizza afterward!

Foxtail Coffee Co.

We love trying out new coffee places and Foxtail is one of those places. The unique decor, along with their super cool vibes, makes this place a local favorite. It’s one of the spots we recommend for all visitors to go.

places to get coffee in orlando

Whenever we make it to Foxtail, we tend to test out something new. I tested Matcha here and Adam had a Cortado for the first time. The location of Foxtail is right next to a few other amazing places too, so it’s a great spot for a hang out. You can grab a snack or even a beer…oh, and you can hang out on their super fun astroturf lawn!

Jamie’s Picks

Craft and Common

This super fun and newer place, Craft and Common, is located downtown. I love the decor here; there’s an amazing photo spot (this place is an Instagram heaven!) and the various drink options make this place a dream.

We both love different kinds of espresso or coffee drinks (but their tea options are delicious too)! Oh and the snacks there are also super good. The pastries are delicious and the cakes look so worth it!


It’s been so long since I’ve been to Vespr (it’s close to UCF while the other coffee spots I’ve listed are downtown) but I love it.  I had my first ever London Fog here – still one of my go-to’s! – and have to thank my sister for introducing me to this spot. She went to UCF and took me here a few times.

places to get coffee in orlando

Another thing that makes this place fun? The video games and cozy corners. And there’s a drink archive section on their website. You can check out some of the drinks that Vespr has served in the past  – and they will inspire you to rush over to see what they have now!

So, who out there is interested in testing out someplace other than Starbucks? Come over to check out the best places to get coffee in Orlando! And sip on one of our various, local caffeinated drinks!

Oh – and if you’re headed to Orlando, take some time to visit the Maitland Art Center! It’s another unique, local spot in our wonderful hometown.

PS: All photos are from Unsplash! Go check out their free stock photos!

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