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our favorite suitcases

We each have an Away Bigger Carry-On. Jamie’s is pink and Adam splurged for the aluminum one. We have taken these across the US and across the ocean and have never encountered issues. Plus, the removable battery is a luxury we can’t live without.

The same goes for our checked luggage. We shared one Ch√Ętalet during our honeymoon but upgraded to one each when we traveled to Alaska – bulkier clothes, less space.

our favorite accessories

We each take checked luggage, a carry-on, and our personal item. Jamie loves her Everywhere Bag from Away; it slides over the handle, has a little pocket for her phone and ID, and has enough space to store whatever purse she’s toting around.

Adam loves his briefcase; he sets this atop his luggage and meanders through the crowds with ease. This is also his everyday work bag. It fits his laptop and important documents – and looks good with a suit.

our favorite tech

Although Adam is the one that researches and locates all of the tech, Jamie does a lot of the photo editing and storage. Each loves photography and shares one camera, chronicling both points of view during their adventures.

photo editing

Jamie and Adam (mostly Jamie) have created their own Lightroom Presets. Through their Lightroom subscription, they use both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC (although Adam far prefers Classic, while Jamie likes the ease of Lightroom CC – editing photos on her laptop and downloading them straight to her phone through the app makes Instagram posting a breeze!).

Lightroom Classic
Lightroom and Photoshop CC

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