Terranea Resort

Our first ever trip together was to Terranea Resort in Ranchos Palos Verdes in California. It was a quick weekend trip in May of 2016. We had been dating for about two years prior to going on a trip like this. Before then, we had gone to visit our parents, but that was it. (Truth be told, I thought he was going to propose to me on this trip; but he didn’t. He ended up proposing in August of that year, in Puerto Rico.) But enough about that trip; let’s talk about Terranea Resort.

About Terranea Resort

Terranea is a gorgeous seaside resort in Palos Verdes, right along the beautiful, rugged coastline. It’s a huge luxe resort (so big that we didn’t leave it once!) that is the perfect mixture of relaxation and adventure.

terranea resort

terranea resort

Adam discovered Terranea using the Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts site that he refers to often. We know that, if we choose a resort from their selection that we’ll be super pleased.


Aside from gorgeous rooms with either a private patio or balcony, each room is equipped with luxe bathroom products, a safe, unlimited WiFi, and premium decor. The sheets are so soft, the floors are hardwood, and the countertops are granite. It’s the little things in life.

For those that fall in love with Terranea, there are also vacation homes. Oh and believe us, you will fall in love. We did.


Each time we take a trip, we always plan one fancy date night. Our date night on this trip took us to Mar’sel. With endless views of the Pacific Ocean, Mar’sel is the perfect spot for an elegant dinner. Their spin on California cuisine was divine, and we even tested out a new wine while there, Mayacamas, from Mayacamas Vinyards. We fell in love with Mayacamas Cabernet and attempt to get a bottle (if we can) each time we go out on our nice-dinner-night.

terranea resort

While in Terranea, we also ate at Nelson’s (it was so delicious), Catalina Kitchen (it was simply superb), and Sea Beans (for some yummy coffee).

Each of the restaurants was amazing, and we would love to go back sometime to relive our first ever trip!

Things to Do

While in Terranea, Adam and I did quite a few things, and most of them outdoors. It was, honestly, the perfect trip because it helped to set the tone of a lot of the other trips we’ve taken since then. We like coastlines and prefer mountain views as opposed to the flat, clean beaches of Florida. Therefore, we’ve gone to Saint Lucia and Alaska (and we are even planning a trip to Norway this summer!).

Go Hiking

The resort is filled with tons of trails meant for exploring. Walk along the bluff and search for Catalina Island out in the ocean.

terranea resort

terranea resort

terranea resort

There’s also a small beach with access to a cave. Adam had fun climbing up and down the rocks in order to get there. Me, on the other hand, gave up (I was not wearing the best shoes for the job).

Lounge Near the Pool

Want to relax some? Wander around their four pools and find the one that fits best! We ended up liking the pool at Cielo Point. It’s an adults only pool, which meant that it was quiet and ultra relaxing. Adam and I grabbed a bottle of champagne and just hung out for an afternoon.

Go Shopping

Ah, yes, there are shops at Terranea. We enjoyed wandering around the various boutiques but didn’t purchase anything, as we tend not to purchase things when we travel, even souvenirs (for ourselves or others).

terranea resort

Actually, writing about it is making me wonder if we’re the only ones that do this.

Play Golf

For those that like a good game of golf, head out to the course. (Adam and I don’t play golf – not unless it’s mini golf, that is! – even though Adam has a set of clubs.) We know nothing about courses or golf but it did look quite impressive. And there’s nothing that will ever beat the landscape of this part of the world.

Book an Adventure

For those that don’t want to just wander around in search of your own fun or adventures, there are also opportunities to book an adventure with the resort. There are culinary and art adventures, including painting and candle-making, cake decorating, and special meal opportunities.

terranea resort

For those that would prefer something a little bit more active, there are both land and sea adventures. You can go on a guided hike, take an electric bike ride, or ride a horse. There’s a falcon experience, a whale-watching tour, tide pooling, and one can also learn archery. There are also opportunities for water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, and surfing.

Oh, and there’s a kids club for those adults that are interested in a free morning or afternoon!

Our Experience

Looking back, this was one amazing trip. I love that it was out first trip together because it was the perfect mixture of things that we love: food, adventure, and beautiful views.

terranea resort

I loved our romantic, seaside dinner. It was the start of a great tradition for us – and we still look back at it with fondness. Adam loved the views most. It was the first time that we had seen a coastline like this while together (he had been to Alaska and other cities in California before that).

Nonetheless, Terranea will remain high on our list of places to visit as a couple – that’s for sure! – and we hope to go back sometime soon.

And if you’re interested, go check out Terranea Resort.

PS: You see that picture of us? We look so young – and wow, that camera quality was right on! Haha!

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