The Ultimate Guide to Disney Springs

Disney Springs is the perfect place for those seeking a bit of magic but don’t have the ability to make it to the parks, whether due to time or cost. Since Adam doesn’t have a pass to the parks, we go here quite often together, as I often seek the magic of Disney while spending time with him; and we feel as though we’ve been enough to share this: the ultimate guide to Disney Springs.

the guide to disney springs: where to eat

Adam and I love the restaurants here. While we haven’t been to all of them (there are a lot), we’ve been to quite a few. And here are our some of the ones we love and also some that we think are overrated.

guide to disney springs

guide to disney springs

It is important to note that these restaurants are not place in a particular order. We just wanted to share all that we know/have experienced while at Disney Springs.

Raglan Road

This Irish inspired restaurant’s food is shockingly good, particularly the meals that are reminiscent of what one would get while traveling there. But, we warn, don’t go for a burger here. There are lots of better places for that!

Morimoto Asia

Ah, we’ve been to Morimoto Asia a few times. Yes, it’s that good! We grabbed some ramen here the first time, and then we shared the Peking Duck here another time. It was the first time that I had Peking Duck, and it was so good. I don’t know if it’s the best, but it’s delicious!

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

We were so shocked after stumbling upon this place – shocked because it was absolutely delicious! We shared brunch over the amazing view of the springs, sipped on the most delicious cocktails, and nommed on some delicious food. It has easily been one of our favorite places to eat while wandering around Disney Springs.

Dockside Margaritas

Yes, it’s just a place to grab drinks, but it’s a fun time nonetheless. The margaritas are delicious and the view of the lake is nice. It’s the perfect spot to sit for a while.

Frontera Cocina

We ended up stumbling into this restaurant a few months ago, as there was no wait and we were starving! And, much like the last place we stumbled upon, it was better than we thought. If you’re looking for a place to get some fajitas, go here. It’s great!

The Polite Pig

Looking for some barbecue? Check out The Polite Pig. No, it’s not our favorite barbecue place in town but it’s not so bad. We’ve been here twice and have enjoyed it both times.


We’ve been to STK for both brunch and dinner. The steak was good…but the brunch wasn’t our favorite. The menu was limited and, while the food was good, we prefer other places (like Chef Art’s!) for brunch. It’s a good spot for dinner, though.


Yep, it’s a spot for dessert, but it’s great nonetheless. Pro tip for those walking by with a full stomach: a lot of times, we stop here right before we go back home. We’ll pick up a cupcake (or two) and eat them later!

and some placed that we think are overrated include:

Enzo’s Hideaway

While it’s a good spot to grab some drinks (the decor is absolutely amazing), we didn’t care for the food too much; then again, we aren’t big fans of Italian – gasp, we know!

The Edison

Yeah, this place doesn’t have the best food. It’s ok; however, it’s just ok. There isn’t much on the menu and, while we have been here more than once (yes, it’s a cool-looking spot), we still aren’t impressed.

guide to disney springs

fastpass recommendations

What we do want to do one day, though, is check it out at night. It’s supposed to turn into a sort-of club. We’re hopeful that it’ll be a great spot for a fun date night.

the guide to disney springs: what to do

Although Disney Springs is filled to the brim with restaurants, there are a few other things that one can do while there. From wandering around to purchasing merchandise, you’ll find it easy to spend a day here.

Yep, Disney Springs like a little town center. With the restaurants and stores, it’s a great place for a little family hang out session. Note: we often meet family here, as it’s a good meeting point between Tampa and Orlando, particularly as we live about 30 minutes (depending on traffic) east of Disney.

Go Shopping

Adam and I have never been to The Florida Mall. We prefer to purchase clothing online but will go to Millenia or Disney Springs instead. (We hear that The Florida Mall is as busy as the theme parks! No thanks!)

There are a lot of fun stores here, but we especially like Zara. Jamie also likes going into American Threads, Anthropologie, and Francesca’s. Yeah, Adam just likes Zara.

guide to disney springs

You can also grab some amazing Disney Merchandise here too! Each time we’re here, I have to go out in search of a new pair of ears.

Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

While we haven’t done this yet (it has been too windy the two times Jamie has been about to go on), it definitely looks like a fun thing to do while at Disney Springs. For those with young children, there is also a little train around as well. It’s sweet and gives the kids something to do for a few moments.

Ride in an Amphicar

Although we haven’t done this, there is a little tour that one can take in a vintage Amphicar. This little experience, located near The Boathouse, looks super fun; however, we haven’t actually been interested enough to go for one of these tours.

The NBA Experience

Another thing we haven’t done and aren’t that interested in? The NBA Experience. We aren’t too sure what the experience includes (obvi basketball!) but know that it costs $34 per person.

Wander Around the Springs

Yeah, there’s nothing like wandering around the beautiful blue hues of the springs themselves. Yes, it’s manmade, but there are tons of legitimate springs around Orlando. Nonetheless, the springs a beautiful and are great for photos too! There are lots of little spots along the water, whether on the sidewalk or on one of the various bridges, for a little family photo.

guide to disney springs

Speaking of photos, check out all of our photo spots! It’s a great way to share some of the magic!

Go to a Concert at The House of Blues

Now this is one thing we’ve done at night here! Although it tends to mean that we just hang out in this part of Disney Springs, either nomming on snacks from the food trucks or sipping on drinks from one of the various stands. We enjoy the venue and always have fun here!

You should seriously check out the lineup during your time in Orlando. It’s a fun time for sure!

the guide to disney springs: photo spots

While there are tons of photo spots in the parks (we’ll be sharing that post soon – eeep! – but, for now, check out our FastPass recommendations!), it might not be feasible for everyone to get there. However, there is good news: that same magic can be captured at Disney Springs. You can grab a cute Disney tee from Target or another fun store (because Disney fashion is definitely making a statement), pick up some ears or bring some from home, and/or pick up a cute Disney treat!

Whatever it is, it’ll be the perfect touch of magic!

While we did share a few photo spots amongst the other parts of the post (the colorful wall and little bike near Raglan Road and the little spot overlooking the boat-like Paddlefish restaurant), here are a few others.

The Teacup

Inside the Disney Style store, there is a cute little teacup that gives us major Mad Tea Party vibes. It’s a cute spot for a rest (for those waiting on their friends and family to make a purchase or try something on) and an even cute spot for a photo.

guide to disney springs

PS: Don’t attempt to get cute here! Jamie ended up with a bruise on her shin after attempting to sit with her feet up on the seat! Haha!

The Disney Springs Sign

Located near the spot where one can go to purchase photos taken by the photographers at the parks, and right on the far side of Ghirardelli’s (the left side if you’re looking at it), you can snag your photo with the super cute Disney Springs sign.

guide to disney springs

The colors are so vibrant! It really is a great photo spot!

The Hot Air Balloon

Near the little spot where the food trucks are, right along the water near the Hot Air Balloon, is the perfect photo spot for those looking to capture the balloon. We think it’s a great scene!

guide to disney springs

And on days when the balloon is able to fly, we recommend the photographer lowering down, to take the shot at an angle.

The Florida Citrus Wall

The little orange bird featured on this wall is a big Disney icon! Located in the newer part (near STK, on the lower level we think? – it’s hard to remember now), of Disney Springs, this little mural is super cute and totally gives us some Magic Kingdom and Dole Whip vibes.

guide to disney springs

Isn’t the little orange bird so cute!? No wonder he’s an icon!

Near the Sprinkles ATM

There is nothing cute that the Sprinkles ATM. Yes, you hear that right! It’s an ATM that delivers some of Sprinkles’ yummy cupcakes! It’s such a cute photo spot, and perfect for those that love all things pink!

guide to disney springs

Oh man, we love Disney Springs. From the foot to the sights (including all these photo spots!) and the shopping, we are always excited for a fun day date at the town center of Disney.

We hope that you liked our ultimate guide to Disney Springs! Is there anything we’ve forgotten? Is there a restaurant or two that we need to go to? Let us know!

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