Things to Do in Amalfi

Ah, Amalfi – the namesake for the Amalfi Coast. It’s one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to. In fact, after boarding our Mediterranean Cruise in 2017, this was our first port. We got off the boat at 8 am and weren’t set to leave until 5 pm, so we had found a lot of things to do in Amalfi during our planning session.

The Porto di Amalfi was the first stop on our honeymoon cruise but the second city we visited (it was right after Rome), and we were bright eyed and excited to explore this beautiful town.

We woke up to watch the tender boats get lowered into the water. We watched the coastline drift into view from our balcony. As the ship slowly spun, new sights came into view.


After a quick breakfast at the cafe, we headed out to complete our list of things to do in Amalfi.

Visit the Duomo de Sant’Andrea

The first spot on the list? Visit the Amalfi Cathedral. This beautiful cathedral was a magnificent sight. We got there right before the bell chimed. The sound was loud; it echoed through the little square with such vigor. To be honest, the birds weren’t the only beings that were startled.

Jamie wasn’t allowed in, as her shoulders and knees weren’t covered. Adam got to go inside and grab a few snaps in the dim light. He wandered around the interior, taking in the sights and sounds.

Explore the Chiostro del Paradiso

Next up on the list? The Cloister del Paradiso. This spot is right next to the cathedral. Both of us were allowed in to this place – whew!



We paid about three Euro to enter. This stunning place holds the tombs of Amalfi’s prominent citizens; there is a beautiful central garden here.

There are also various artifacts amongst the museum, which is the Basilica de Crocefisso. This holds the remains of St. Andrew.

Head to the Museo Arsenale di Amalfi

This little naval museum is a great place to visit. It’s located where the ships were once built and contains various, historical artifacts, including one of the first maritime codes. There are also various nautical instruments and other fun finds here.

Stop in the Piazza Flavio Gioia

We meandered around this beautiful piazza while we left Amalfi. It’s beautiful, with its statue and fountain. While this thing-to-do doesn’t take long, it’s another beautiful spot to see along the adventure.

Grab a Peroni

This Italian beer was Adam’s drink of choice when we stopped for a little waterside snack. We sat and watched a small fireworks show that was at the end of one of the piers.

Yep, grabbing a drink is a fun thing to do to escape the intense heat, as the view near the water will always be stunning.

Wander Around the Porto di Amalfi

This is a must-do for sure! With picturesque views all around, there’s nothing better than wandering around the coastline, camera in hand.

This was one of the first things that Adam and I did – and also the last. We started off heading toward the cathedral, meandering down piers and docks to snap photos of the views prior to heading into the town’s main piazza.

Then, after we finished exploring that part of town, we wandered down, grabbed that beer, and headed over to see the other side of the coastline.


Since there’s no shade down near the marina, we recommend splitting it in half for sure.

Take a Trip to the Emerald Grotto

The last thing on our Amalfi list is the Emerald Grotto. Now, this is an excursion of sorts. About two and a half miles from Amalfi, we got on a boat that took us to Conca di’ Marini. Once there, we went into a cave and got into large, flat boats that reminded us of a ride at a theme park.


Then, the men that steered our boats took us into the part of the cave that is illuminated in a stunning shade of emerald.

Neither of us can remember the price for this excursion but do remember loving the sights of not just the grotto, but also the town as we sped by.

This is one of those posts that we wrote together – as we write posts from our former trips, it’ll be tough to untangle what each of us recommends. For this one, we both listed the same few things. Do you know of any other things to do in Amalfi?

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