Things to Do in Gozo, Malta

Gozo is the second largest of the islands of Malta. This small island is an incredible place that Adam and I have fallen in love with. It took us going back the second time to fall in love too – this was all due to our mistake, the mistake we made the first time around. But, now that we’re smitten, we can’t wait to share some of our favorite things to do in Gozo, Malta.

Our Mistake

Since we’ve visited Gozo while on board cruise ships, we assumed it would be much like the other destinations we’ve been to. We thought all of the sights were within walking distance from the port.

things to do in gozo

We were wrong. Both times we wanted to visit Victoria; however, the first time we failed to take a taxi. Victoria, the capital city, isn’t very close to either of the ports we’ve docked/tendered at.

Pro Tip: take a taxi. We happened to find a woman that was kind enough to drop us off and pick us up multiple times. So, let’s talk about our list of things to do in Gozo.

Things to Do

Visit the Citadel

The citadel was the first sight that Adam and I wanted to see upon entering the capital city. The citadel is a fortified city that boasts the Cathedral Museum, the Museum of Archaeology, the Folklore Museum, the old prison, and more.

things to do in gozo

things to do in gozo

The citadel, itself, is free. Adam and I just wandered around, taking in the view and snapping photos. For those interested in visiting the various museums, the cost is five euro per person.

Overall, the experience was amazing. We loved wandering around and exploring the tiny streets, climbing up to the tallest places, and looking out over the beautiful island.

Wander around Victoria

After exploring the citadel, Adam and I decided to wander around the capital of Gozo. While we were there, we stumbled upon cute shops, winding streets, and beautiful sights.

things to do in gozo

One of those sights was St. George’s Basilica. Upon entering the city center or main square, we took one of the little alleyways and stumbled upon the Basilica.

Since we didn’t have too long in port, and we had one last place to visit that afternoon, we called our taxi driver and headed to our third stop.

Head to Ghasri Valley

Ghasri Valley is a winding valley that sits between two cliffs. A beach, filled with rocks and pebbles, leads water lovers toward the beautiful, emerald-green waters.

Adam and I asked our taxi driver to drop us off at this famous spot. We stayed there for an hour and a half, making our way down the staircase to the beach, which was both crowded and not at the same time. The people came and went in throngs, on scuba-diving excursions or with snorkeling gear in hand.

things to do in gozo

things to do in gozo

things to do in gozo

On the day that we went, the water was freezing. I ended up remaining on land while Adam took his Go Pro out.

A word of advice: take water shoes. The beaches around Malta (and Greece) were not filled with sand. The pebbles hurt. A lot.

Stop at the Salt Pans

Along the way to and from Ghasri Valley, you’ll see the famous salt pans. Tons of bloggers and travelers stop at this iconic place to take snaps.

things to do in gozo

While we were there, the salt pans were ultra empty. It is a good photo spot but not when there’s nothing to photograph. We ended up admiring the view from the car.

To be honest, we’ll end up going back whenever we’re able (and whenever taking photos will yield better results).

Explore the Ggantija Temples

The Ä gantija Temples are an ancient group of temples on the island. Although Adam and I haven’t visited this Unesco Heritage sight (yet) it’s on our list.

things to do in gozo

These temples are the oldest within Malta and – fun fact! – are older than the pyramids in Egypt. It would be such an amazing thing to see.

Check out the Remains of the Azure Window

The Azure Window was one of the most famous sights in Gozo. However, this beautiful, natural landmark was destroyed in a storm in 2017. For those interested in still seeing the sight, you can head over to check out the remains.

Overall, Gozo is one of our favorite places to visit in Malta. For those heading to the beautiful island, we recommend heading to Gozo as well.

Want more info? Check out the official tourism site!

FYI – Our total taxi fare for the day was 70 Euro.

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