Things to Do in Kotor, Montenegro

During our cruise around the Mediterranean, we stopped in Kotor Bay. In all honesty, we hadn’t really heard of Kotor (or Montenegro) until a friend of Jamie’s went traveling around the Balkan region. She was the first person we spoke to when deciding what to do on our day there. Although we didn’t accomplish much on the actual day we were there, we came up with our list of things to do in Kotor – some being things that we did and others being things that we didn’t get to do.

Hike the Castle Walls

The morning of our cruise was spent sipping mimosas on the deck outside of the Observation Bar. We cruised into Kotor Bay, admiring the views and snapping photographs until we anchored. At 10 am, we were able to leave the ship.

things to do in kotor

Since we both love hiking, this was the first thing on our list. It was an epic hike that featured beautiful views of the town below. For full into on this epic hike, head to our full post on hiking the castle walls. For those heading to this stunning port, this remains the top item on our list of things to do in Kotor.

Explore the Fortified Town

Prior to hiking and after it (we went back to the ship, showered, and ate lunch after the hike), we wandered through the winding streets in search of beautiful sights, shops, people, and – of course! – cats.

There were a few cats on our hike but most were in the town itself. Most were super friendly and all were ultra cute!

things to do in kotor

things to do in kotor

Take some snaps at the cathedral or one of the other, various churches. Head to the Cat Museum. Wander through the various shops. There’s so much to do while exploring.

Visit One (or Both!) of the Islands

As we sailed through Kotor Bay, we noticed two small islands. One is Our Lady of the Rocks and the other is Svete Dorde. These aren’t exactly close to Kotor itself; however, they are quite close to another popular destination within the Bay of Kotor: Perast.

things to do in kotor

things to do in kotor

If we had been given the chance, we would have made our way to these two islands (and to Perast); therefore, we feel as though these should be added to your list.

Drink a Niksicko Pivo

This local beer was definitely on our list of things to do in Kotor; however, after that hike we had no choice but to go back to the ship.

things to do in kotor

It just made sense for us to eat while there (hello, we paid for it after all!). Therefore, by the time we made it back to the fortified town, we were too full to indulge in anything other than water.

Snack on a Krempita

The same sentiment as above can be said about the Krempita. This local dessert, a vanilla custard cake, is popular in a few Central European countries (and Montenegro is one of them!).

Hike Again

The Castle Walls and Fortress isn’t the only hiking trail in Kotor. There is also Lovćen, a mountain with various hiking trails, and a national park. This spot holds the mausoleum and boasts panoramic views (and we bet they’re even better than the views from the walls!) of the world below.

things to do in kotor

There’s also Vrmac, which overlooks the town of Tivat. It’s an extension of Lovćen, but we aren’t sure the distance from Kotor.

Head to the Beach

Obvi, with the beautiful blue waters in the bay, there has to be a beach day. While Kotor Bay doesn’t feature expansive sand-filled beaches, there are some smaller, intimate ones.

Beware when searching! – some are covered in rocks or pebbles, which aren’t fun to walk on. Adam could totally handle it but Jamie couldn’t.

Who out there has visited Kotor or Montenegro? Did you love it as much as we did?

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