Things to Do in Malta

Adam and I love Malta. It’s one of our favorite countries. We have been twice and are planning on returning once more – ok, more than once more! – because of various reasons. Each time, we have done something different. However, we still have not nearly had enough time to explore this beautiful island country. For those just starting out, here are some things to do in Malta.


Malta is a beautiful island that was an integral part of World War II. There is a lot of history in Malta; it’s an eclectic mix of the influences of other countries that have occupied it, including the British, French, and (of course) the Order of St. John.

Within the architecture and the culture, one can find remnants of these powers/events. From red phone booths from the British to battle wounds from WWII, there is something along each street or tucked into each corner.

things to do in malta

Now, Malta is a part of the European Union. While there is no fresh water on the island, the island makes use of the sea, offering desalinated sea water to its residents and guests.

In total, Malta is made of three islands: Malta (obvi the largest), Gozo, and Comino. Both Malta and Gozo are inhabited. Comino is virtually uninhabited (there is one hotel).

Things to Do

Wander Around Valletta

The first thing to do in Malta? Explore the capital city. There are various things to do in Valletta – you can check out our Valletta post here! – and it is still one of our favorite places on the island.

things to do in malta

Reasons we love this amazing city?

Well, Adam loves the architecture and the gorgeous views of the three cities. Jamie loves the culture and the fact that she feels safe (unlike the feeling one might get in some countries, the feeling of needing to keep your belongings close).

Take the Ferry to the Three Cities

Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua make up the three cities. When you’re in Valetta and look out over the harbor, this is what you see. It’s one of our favorite views.

things to do in malta

In the three cities, which are virtually unexplored, you’ll get to wander through beautiful streets, see stunning sights, and capture beautiful views. Since the three cities aren’t a popular destination, you’ll get to experience an authentic piece of Malta.

Adam and I made it toward one of the forts while there. We wanted to see what Valletta looked like during golden hour. We ended up stumbling upon a popular swimming spot. It was a beautiful view (but check the hours of the forts because it was closed when we made it over there).

Head Over to the Blue Lagoon

Adam and I didn’t have time to make it back to the Blue Lagoon, one of Malta’s famous sights, the second time. The first time, we made the mistake of waiting until the afternoon to go.

things to do in malta

The Blue Lagoon gets VERY busy in the summer time. Nonetheless, the clear (and obvi blue) waters are a spectacular sight to see. The last time we were there, we rented some beach chairs and Adam took his Go Pro out into the calm waters.

It was an amazing way to spend the afternoon. The next time we make it over there, we will definitely be prepped to explore the island too.

Visit Gozo

Ah, Gozo is honestly one of our favorite places within the Maltese Islands. We’ve been here twice. The first time, we kind of mistook the length of the road toward the capital, Victoria, and walked around. The second time, we got a whole lot smarter, and took a taxi.

things to do in malta

things to do in malta

Since we were on a cruise, our ship took us to Malta’s sister island. There is also a ferry to get from Malta to Gozo. We haven’t needed to take it yet, but we’ll be sure to share info on the experience as soon as we do!

Want to read more about the things we recommend you do in Gozo? Check out our full post here!

Make your Way to Mdina

While Adam and I have not visited Mdina, the former capital of Malta, it’s on our list. This fortified medieval town is also known at the Silent City.

In Mdina, there are lots of sights to see and streets to explore. This is definitely on our list for next time, so we’ll be sure to update you during our next trip!

Check out Popeye Village

Home to the famous movie set, Popeye Village is another sight that we haven’t seen yet. In fact, when looking at a map, we’ve really only explored a small part of the island – we are going to have to go back sooner rather than later!

things to do in malta

You can wander around the village, exploring the different buildings, and (for those that love taking photos as much as us) there’s an epic viewing point, where bloggers and travelers have captured a stunning view of the film set.

Want more info on this little landmark? Check out their website! And, for those that want more info on Malta, in general, check out their official tourism site!

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