Ursulino Valletta

Valletta, the capital of beautiful Malta, is one of our favorite cities (hint: Malta is one of our favorite countries). In the heart of Valletta is the luxury boutique bed and breakfast, Ursulino Valletta. After we decided to head to Valletta for a few days prior to our cruise, we started (ok, mostly Adam) researching accommodations. After hours and days of pouring through reviews and other sources, we landed on the beautiful Ursulino Valetta.

For those that are looking to stay in Valletta, this is definitely our number one choice. The staff was friendly and very helpful, the furnishings and other details were nice, and the view was amazing.

Our Room

During our stay, we opted to book the Triplex Penthouse Sweet. While we knew there was a rooftop (with some insane views of the harbour and the three cities) we wanted a view of our own. This particular room offered us that luxury – and one luxury we can’t live without!

Right when we walked in, we were encountered by beautiful tile and a fun staircase. There, on the first floor, after walking down a short hall (with the closet on the left side), was the bedroom.

ursulino valetta

ursulino valetta

The bedroom features a nice-sized bed and a decently sized television. There’s also a little Juliet balcony that gives guests views of the street below. The bathroom is also on this level. It’s a nice bathroom with a walk in shower, that amazing tile, and modern vanity.

When we went upstairs, to the second level, we met a couch (we used this for lounging about and transferring photos from our camera to our hard drives) and a small kitchen.

ursulino valetta

ursulino valetta

ursulino valetta

One can also look into the bedroom from here. Check out our “drone shot” – haha!

ursulino valetta

ursulino valetta

After heading back up the steps and up to the third level, you land in a cute dining area. We loved the pop of color that was consistent throughout the townhome. It helped everything come together in a luxe way.

And then, there’s the amazing private terrace. Honestly, if we had stayed here longer (which we definitely will next time!), we would have ordered some breakfast here. It’s nice to head up to the rooftop terrace but, if the “good seats” are taken, the view is inhibited (albeit not by much!).

ursulino valetta

ursulino valetta

Can you see Adam in the reflection? He took most of our photos!

We spent a lot of our time up on the terrace. It was amazing, watching the lights twinkling across the harbour each night, and witnessing the sun rising each morning. It’s the perfect spot for a cocktail – and we definitely think that you should consider Ursulino Valletta!

Reasons to Choose Ursulino Valletta

Our main reason for choosing Ursulino Valletta was the location. We could walk to each point of interest (look for our things to do post – it’ll come out soon!) or sight we wanted to visit.

Our second reason was the view – obvi! The roof terrace at Ursulino Valletta offers panoramic views of their beautiful harbour. From the rooftop, you can see the three cities (you have to travel via ferry across the water to get the view of Valletta), Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Conspicua. That view is one of our absolute favorites (so far) in Malta.

ursulino valetta

Our third reason has got to be the service. Ursulino was prepared for us and has access to things one might need. For example, we brought the outlet converters that come with our suitcases…we didn’t realize that the converters only hooked up to a USB until it was too late. The staff at Ursulino brought one right up for us.

The Environment

The environment at Ursulino is upscale in an attainable and friendly way. The furnishings are modern, there are fresh lilies in the entryway (and they smelled amazing!), and their staff was both friendly and professional.

During breakfast and apéritif, we nommed or sipped on deliciousness. Their breakfast was good, with a variety to choose from (and all-you-can-eat), and their cocktails accompanied the view perfectly. We often sipped on some champagne as we looked out over the harbour. It was romantic and relaxing at the same time.

Fun Fact:

Want to learn something fun about us? Well, if you follow us on Instagram (@ourweekendwhims) you know that it’s one of our dreams to have a home in another country. Well, Malta is that country for us. So we plan on coming back here a lot (especially as we start to look into real estate!).

So who out there has been to Malta? Where did you stay? If not, what’s your impression of Ursulino Valetta? Would you consider this boutique B&B?

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