We’re Working Out Together Now

Yep, you read that right. We’ve started working out together. What started out as a sort of bet with Adam has actually turned out to be something more. Working out together has been beneficial for us in so many ways – and in more than just the we-now-have-firmer-abs kind of way too.

The Background Story

So, Adam and I had this thing. I would come home, go into the room and shut the door (leaving a crack for Charlie, of course!) and work out. I’d attempt to keep him out with warning looks or a you-should-play-video-games suggestion but, at times, he’d still pop in while I was going lunges or attempting push-ups.

He couldn’t help himself. He’d jokingly join me. In fact, throughout all of the months that I had been on-again-off-again working out, he never once thought that it was remotely difficult.

Cue the evil laughter and the rubbing of palms together.

working out together

At one point, during winter break, he and I agreed to work out together. I don’t remember how it happened, but he agreed – all the while, he thought all I did was jump around and giggle to music or something. Or maybe he just thought I did five lunges and then five push-ups before calling it a day.

We did the BBG 1.0 week one full body workout. While, I admit, his pace was faster than mine (even amidst the warnings I gave him, telling him that seven minutes was, in fact, longer than he thought), he had a tough time of it.

He started to sweat. His breathing was labored. He was reaching for the water bottle.

Can we cue the evil laughter once more? No? Ok.

As it turns out, in the end, he thought it was a good workout. He was tired. And he wanted to do it again.

Woohoo! I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I had won a prize. I HAD BEEN TRYING TO GET THIS MAN TO WORK OUT WITH ME FOR SOME TIME.

The Benefits of Working Out Together

It makes us laugh.

Yep, it’s true. We laugh at (and with) each other so much, particularly when we’re trying to do a new move. I often have to turn and face the other way because I still feel so awkward about working out in front of other people (that’s a long story that I can talk about later), which makes me begin to giggle uncontrollably.

We’re also serious, and it’s stress-free.

Most often, when we’re forced to be serious it’s because we’ve gotten lost in a rental vehicle or on some trail in the middle of nowhere, and we’re stressed out. But, when we’re working out together, it’s the perfect time for us to be serious, about the same thing at the same time, with no strings attached.

working out together

We’re both seriously into getting healthier, leaner, and stronger. Hey, we’ve got to start putting time into our bodies and minds so that we remain young!

Our bodies and minds are changing – together.

There’s nothing like eating a huge meal with your significant other and needing to unbutton your pants…and then noticing that your partner doesn’t look any different. It sucks, seeing someone grow leaner and stronger while you’re doing the opposite.

When we first worked out together, Adam’s perspective of what I did changed. He grew to respect me in a manner that he couldn’t before – because he didn’t know.

And working out with him pushes me harder. He’s quicker than I am (and, shockingly, in a lot better shape…even in the beginning), which pushes me to work harder. Because of this, I’m seeing more gains, I’m realizing how strong I am, and I’m gaining more confidence in my “athletic” abilities.

Yeah, we still laugh at each other. But we respect each other more too.

We’re spending time together – and he gets a massage.

Yes, we know our love languages – shout out to Anna for giving me the book when we got married! – and we attempt to keep them in mind. I give physical touch and Adam receives that; Adam gives gifts (travel mostly) and, while I will never say no to a trip, I receive quality time.

With workouts, we both get what we need out of it; and, for the four days a week we work out together, we aren’t just coming home and doing our own thing.

I get quality time during the workout and Adam tends to get a massage the day after (if he’s super sore). It’s the perfect arrangement if I do say so myself.

So, for those couple out there that are into fitness…do you work out together? Are there added benefits that we aren’t aware of/didn’t mention?

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